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Standard Tubeless System

Stan's patented tubeless system converts your existing tube type wheels to tubeless. The conversion allows you to use of standard tyres in a tubeless manner, or the use of tubeless tyres on conventional rims.

Why use our rim strip on tubeless rims?

Without our rim strips, mounting a standard tire on a tubeless rim creates a poor interface, making it easier to burp air. Using our moulded rim strips in tubeless rims creates a much stronger interface with the tire and rim, the bead lock can be exposed without loosing air!

Sealant Benefits

No need to worry about the dreaded pinch flat and possibly never have another puncture flat again. Seals punctures and slows leaks that occur in most tubeless tires. As a result, your tubeless tires will hold air for longer periods of time. Once you seal your tires they will not lose air pressure.

Each Kit Includes

- Two moulded rim strips with removable valve cores (standard kit has Presta, Freeride kit has Schrader)

- One pint of Tire Sealant with a 60g scoop and spout (DH kit incl. 1 quart of sealant)

- One 10 Yd roll of spoke tape

- Detailed instructions