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Because you love your bicycles, when you’re not riding them you want to protect them, but you also need to be space conscious. Introducing the Velo Hinge, an innovative and elegant bike storage idea that hangs your bike by the front wheel and allows it to safely swing sideways, to its smallest footprint. Fitting almost any bike (does your bike require a Long Hook?) and swinging left or right to match your needs, the Velo Hinge maximizes your space while showing love to your bicycles and your living space. And when not in use, it tucks away so you’ll hardly know its there.

Available Velo Hinge Long Hook accessory for deep profile road wheels and wide mountain bike rims/tires
Hook opening of 2.8″ (7.4cm) can accommodate most road, cyclocross and mountain bikes
Maximizes available bicycle storage space for apartments, garages, basements and sheds
Patented hinge design allows the bike to pivot left or right
System fits most any road bike, cyclocross bike, mountain bike, or kids bikes
Ideal for storing bikes in a small space
Front wheel hook mounts to any standard wall stud
Rear wheel bumper stabilizes the bike to prevent swaying
Wheel retaining hook folds away when not in use
Durable powder coated steel maintains a long-term clean finish
Secure load capacity of 22.7kg when properly stud mounted